Building the Iraqi Bf.110C from a Fujimi kit

1/48 scale

by Giovanni Galvan © 2008 Modeler Site

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The famous Bf.110 “Zerstörer”, in spite of being frequently described as a fiasco for the Luftwaffe, wad widely used on all fronts, and in almost all roles until the end of the war. One of the most peculiar episodes of its use was the help to the revolt in Iraq against the British in 1941. During the short duration of this local war, Italy and Germany sent some air units to help the rebels, via the Vichy’s Syria. That’s why we can see many Fiat CR.42s or Bf.110s with hastily applied Iraqi insignia, now famous for decidedly more recent wars.

In 1/48 scale there are now available two moulds for the Bf.110, the old Fujimi for the C/D versions and the more recent Monogram, available for the G-2 and G-4 versions.

The latter is more modern and detailed, while the Japanese (of which I have the Italian release from Astromodel) has a very sparse interior detail but finely recessed panels, and I have the suspect that the overall scale could be more near to 1/50.

Anyway the general shape is good, and I decided to proceed to make my “exotic” Zerstörer.

Inside the cockpit I added some piping on the sides, I scratch built the rear seat and modified the front seat, reducing the thickness of its walls, and added paper seat belts. The instrument panel is on decals. The cockpit colors are semi gloss Black for the instruments, Tan for the cushions, while the rest is overall Grau RLM 02 FS 34226 (Gunze H70).

The transparent pieces are good, but only the front seat access panels could be fixed open, while the rear canopy is moulded closed. I decided to cut the rear canopy, and use a transparent plastic to do the correct opened panels, with the upper one sliding over the main canopy. I added also the ring over the rear gun with a metal rope, and the fabric around the gun done with Kristal Klear painted in Green.

The rest of the assemblage does not deserve surprises, fuselage closes very well. I added the “handle” antennas on the belly after the painting, to make gluing and sanding more easy.


The tail planes required some trimming, but you have to be careful about the surrounding rivets. The lower radiator flaps were replaced with plasticard, being the joint zones of the nacelles. The landing gear legs and wheels are well done. The color of the interiors and of the gear is Grau RLM 02 FS 34226 (Gunze H70), while the wheels are Black, with very dark Grey tires. On the engine nacelles I perforated the exhausts and painted them in Brown.

I choose to make one of the examples sent in Iraq still with the classical splinter scheme in Mittelgrau RLM 75 FS 36132 (Gunze H69) and Dunkelgrau RLM 74 FS 36081 (Gunze H301) on the upper surfaces, with splotches of the same colors on the sides, with the sides and undersurfaces in Hellblau RLM 76 FS 35622 (Gunze H417). The German insignia were obliterated with a sort of medium Grey (I used Gunze H317), while the upper nose was White and the engine nacelles were in Yellow. The propellers and front spinners were in Schwarzgrun RLM 70 (Gunze H65), with the front ring of the spinners in White.

I did some weathering, mainly using slightly lightened tones of the colors, and with a lot of Gunze Flat coat finish. To enhance panels I used black oil paint and with some grey airbrushed the exhaust stains.


Color chart








RLM Grau

02 34226 HG6 LG6 X201 H70 -


76 35622 122 35622 X149 H314 1722


74 36081 123 36081 X128 H301 -


75 36132 111 LMU20 X207 H69 -


70 34052 HG1 LG1 X204 H65 -

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