Improving the  12.8cm Sf. L/61 (Pz.Sf.V) Sturer emil

Trumpeter #00350,1/35 scale

by Pablo Raggi © 2006 Modeler Site

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In 1938 Henschet started to manufacture a VK30.01(H) prototype. But in 1941 the project was given up to start with the VK36.01 (H) which would give rise to the famous Tiger. By that moment there were several operational VK30.01 (H) chassis. It was decided that two of them, would take the 12,8 cm KL/61 Rheinmetall which was an adaptation of the 12,8 cm Flak Gërat 40. So, the hull of the VK30.01 (H) was lengthened and an eighth wheel was added besides of building a superstructure without roof to protect the crew. The unofficial name of these vehicles was Sturer Emil, though this name doesn’t appear in any official document. The two vehicles manufactured had different details. Today the second one can be found at the Kubinka museum in Russia. Both of them saw services until 1943 in the south of the east front.


The kit

Trumpeter supply the necessary parts to build both vehicles, though this is not clearly indicated in the instructions (see details later on). The most appreciable difference between both vehicles is the presence or not of a second armoured driver’s bay.

The kit comprises 6 sprues: upper and lower hulls, the superstructure, the vinyl tracks, the decals and the instructions.

The big parts come in the box separately from the bags with the sprues. The tracks are good quality ones with a hollow central horn, something unusual to see in vinyl tracks. The instructions include 20 building steps plus a color paint scheme.

This kit is one of those that you think you’ll never wish to build until some manufacturer introduce one injected in plastic, with good quality details and comparatively inexpensive…something nearly impossible. But Trumpeter made my wishes came true to perfection…

Available aftermarket

Armorscale - 128mm Kanone 40 for Pzsfl.V “Sturer Emil” - B35-021

Voyager - German 128mm L/61 "Sturer Emil" etched set - 35064

Jordi Rubio – metal gun barrel – TG-71

Armorscale - German 128mm ammo for Sturer Emil - A35-008

Part - L/61 "Sturer Emil" – P35117

Armo – “Sturer Emil” 12,8cm L/61 metal gun barrel - 35799

WW2 Productions – Tracks – 35030

Modelkasten – Cadenas – MK-65

Perfect Metal Barrel (SR) - 12.8cm Sf.L/61 "Sturmer Emil" Barrel – 35022

Atelier infinite – German 12.8cm "Sturer Emil" Individual Track links - 35-0018

Since some years ago there is a discontinued resin model from ON- Track Model of good quality but quite more expensive. This cheap Trumpeter kit leaves the one in resin as a piece for collection more than as a kit to build.

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