Chinese 152mm Type 83 Self Propelled Gun

Trumpeter 1/35

by Patricio Delfosse © 2005 Modeler Site


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If Trumpeter were not a Chinese company, I’m sure that this injection-molded vehicle would have never been released. But Chinese market (and Asian market, in general) is one of the most important points of sale for any scale models manufacturer, this is why although in the West, the choice of this subject is not usual, we should not be surprised at seeing vehicles coming from eastern countries.

Beyond all considerations about the interest this vehicle may arise in the west, there’s no doubt that Trumpeter are definitively among the most important modeling companies. This kit has everything a good kit should have: good fit, fine details, high quality tracks, accurate in shape and dimensions, capturing the lines of the real thing…and as extra bonus: comparatively inexpensive!