Tamiya Famo

1/35 scale diorama

by Russ Sharp © 2004 Modeler Site

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The Famo is a pretty straight forward kit being built straight from the box with the addition of Tamiya`s spade kit. I decided to put the vehicle in an Italian setting so left the engine compartment covers off and the airflow louvers on the hood in the open position. I also chose not to display the tool tray locker.


The paint is just a simple German Grey overall with Dark Yellow drybrushed in a randon camo pattern, washed in a black/brown mix and drybrushed with a light sandstone colour.

Figures are all from the kit as are the tools with a few extras added from the spares box. Table is a box lid set on two jerry cans, bread and sausage were made from kleen klay, bottles are sharpened thin dowling and the stools are scratched.

Being in Italy I needed a couple of columns from an ancient ruin so located a couple from a wedding cake supplies store and after weathering added them in behind the famo. I only later found out that the columns were raised in sections with hot lead poured down inside to seal them together, so if you want to do something like this with the columns donít forget to scribe in section lines equally all the way up the column.

Ground cover is craft sands in beige and off white with a backdrop pile of fishtank pebbles. The ruin blocks were cut from eraser material and painted, glued in place and sand piled up around them.

The Tamiya Famo whether with or without the trailer is a fun kit to do and has great potential for detailing for dioramas.


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