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1/35 German figures

by  Filippo Chessa


German sentry, Eastern front, February 1943

The model is an old Verlinden 1/35 resin figure. I'd like to represent a German grenadier on the Eastern front, winter 1943.
He wear a balaclava rolled up under a model 1935 whitewashed steel helmet. He also wear the typical sentry sheepskin overcoat with red bands for friend/foe identification. The mittens are woolen "two-fingers" type. His boots are the leather reinforced overboots with wooden soles, typical of winter sentry duty.


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German motorcyclist, Normandy, summer 1944

The model is a Andrea Miniatures 1/35 white metal figure. I'd like to represent a typical motorcyclist during the Normandy campaigns in summer 1944
He wear a model 1935 steel helmet with aviators' type sun/dust goggles. The gauntlets are made from heavy field grey/sand cotton duck. He also wear the popular rubberized waterproof greatcoat, model 1935 belt and leather marching boots.


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