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Nesher/Dagger at Hatzerim IDFAF Museum

by Gaby Lezen



This is a preserved aircraft at the Hatzerim IDFAF museum. The aircraft is an Israeli copy of the Mirage V, done after France embargoed the Israeli order for 50 aircraft after the 6 Day War. The aircraft was designed to a Israeli specification, thus it gave sterling service at Israeli hands, notably during the Yom Kippur War, when armed with the Shafrir AAM was responsible of many aircraft kills.

Photos were taken in order to highlight differences with other Mirage Versions

You notice:

Nose with air scoop below.
Front Landing Gear arm protector (In red)
Insignia in Nose above Landing Gear is the Museum shield.
Tail Light, Tail antenna, Vortex generators beside parachute house, Motor petals shape
Extra fuel tank in belly
Shafrir Missile and Launcher.
Faded colours (compare launcher light blue with aircraft's one)
Most other details very similar looking to a Mirage III

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Included as well two historic photos

B/W photo of Israeli a/c of Wasp squadron circa Yom Kippur War
Colour photo of operational aircraft showing armament display.


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