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King Tiger II

by  Carlos Massuh


It's almost a forced step for any modeler fond of armors, to build a King Tiger II or Koenig Tiger, I chose the Tamiya's. This new version of this well known subject provides some interesting news as the fine iron grill, you will also be able to complete a diorama with the set of projectiles and the ammo loading crew. For those who want to go farther, the Jaguar's kit of conversion can be used. Although Tamiya provides us excellent vinyl tracks, I chose the metal ones by Friulmodel, in its King Tiger version, with which the model looks very real, but obviously it is more expensive.

The interesting thing about this kit is not only the good general design, but its excellent tools, all details have been taken into account, if you are not looking for super detail you won't need to get any PE sheet to obtain a quality model.


The turret is also excellent and contains basic interior details as: ammo racks, the main gun internal system, the commander and loader crew seats and a well detailed access hatch. I just applied a thin layer of putty, on the prow back corners and on the main joint of the two hull parts.


The motor's main cover is composed by few parts, offered separately, since Tamiya sells an interior motor's kit, in this way the dioramas' lovers will be able to take advantage of this and build this "feline" in repair.


Painting and finishing
I painted my model in a scheme used at the end of the war, to be more precise the real tank came out of Henschel tanks factory in March 1945.
I liked this scheme because it's unconventional, so the colors used in 1944 were inverted. The background color used is the Ral 6003 dunkelgruen (Humbrol 117), but any similar German green you find can be used, in my case I chose the original color by Extracolor.


On the green color I painted irregular vertical lines with German sand (Ral 7028 dunkelgelb, Humbrol 94) in small quantities prevailing the green as it is observed in the images. I used Gunze Sangyo.


To conclude with this strange camouflage, I had to paint some small circles inside the sand color's vertical lines. The circles can be realized with a good point brush, trying to use well diluted paint in order to not to show much relief. The circles should be painted in the same green color used at the beginning (Ral 6003).


This tank belonged to the battalion of heavy tanks SS 501 (before 101 that fought in almost all battle fronts since 1943) placed in Hungary for the defense of Budapest in 1945.


Germany´s Tiger tanks by Thomas Jents.
Tigers in combat vol.II by Wolfgang Sneider.
King Tiger heavy tank by Thomas Jentz.
Berlin 1945 Diorama book.


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