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ref 35002, 35004, 35005, 35016

1/35 scale

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Tank is a russian company devoted to manufacturing 1/35 figures and accessories for them. They offer an interesting catalogue, meaning a good and new alternative to the traditional figures like Warriors, Jaguar or Verlinden. Even though offering german and soviet subjects, the poses are new, and this is what makes Tank different from other companies. They come molded in high quality resin, with no bubbles or flashes to remove, excellent and top-quality details.

German feldgendarme 1939-45 (Ref #T-35002)

Although this figure has already been represented in other poses by different brands, Tank’s model stands out for its original pose. The gesture of taking the gloves off, look very realistic, adding at the same time a dose of action to a static figure.

The cape with its neck turned up gives the figure a strong personality together with the different accessories the soldier carries: cartridge belt, MP40, case for the gas mask, goggles, document wallet, etc.

The cape’s wrinkles look real, something difficult to achieve, adding more interest to such a monochromatic figure.

German SS tank crew. Summer 1940-1945 (Ref #T-35005)

These two figures come together in a box, being the commander the main one.

What is outstanding is its relaxed pose, leaning against the front of the hatch. It’s a pity that nearly all the body remains hidden, why not to be posed out of vehicle, leaning against the turret’s edge?

Although the box indicates “1940-1945”, due to the uniform it wears, would be ideal to be placed in any European scene from the mid of the war onwards.

The “SS” indication on the box is just nominal, since these figures may represent at times, a crew that don't belong to the SS.

As this figure doesn’t come with accessories, the main concern is to outline correctly the pink trimming typical of the Panzerwaffe.

The driver is a simple bust with remarkable face features.


German tank crew. Summer 1940-45 (Ref #T-35004)

These two figures also come in one box, being an excellent complement for the abovementioned reference. The four figures make up a crew having rest. The most outstanding figure of this set, is the Loader indeed. The pose is original and the pipe he holds in his right hand, is excellent!!

The gunner is not suitable for any other tank, since the pose has been designed to lean against the Panther’s barrel.

Both figures as well as all from Tank’s, offer excellent face features, with the arms well proportioned to the body, something obvious that not all the manufacturers can manage to represent convincingly.

German Gebirgssjager 1942-45 (Ref #T-35016)

This interesting figure represents a mountaineer soldier with an uniform used between 1942-45. Full of high-quality accessories such as the cartridge belt, backpack, canteen, MP40, pick, etc and an appropriate base to be posed.

The right hand has been molded on the clip of the MP40, so no problems of fit will be encountered here.

The special boots and the jacket’s neck are wonderfully detailed making the painting job easier.

Thanks to Tank for providing us with the samples for this article

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