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Yamaha YZF - R1

1/12 scale 

by Mario Covalski


To complement the Kawasaki note featured in this issue, I also built this new era motorcycle. Of course the Yamaha YZF-R1 is new a technology kit...and bike. This kit was absolutely built out of the box, with a simple painting scheme of metallic blue, and marks from 1998, the kit offers four versions.

As I usually do, I removed the plated of the chromed parts. The main challenge here was to get different shades among the silver parts.

The chassis was painted with a mix of  Humbrol 27002 (metal cote) 80% and Tamiya enamel X11 20%. This mix allows a little polishing, but doesn't need to be covered with sealer. 

I also use several metallic mixes, and of course Alclad II which can't be missed in this kind of subjects.

Next month we will publish a technical article devoted to the painting itself, not about  how to paint but how to get different mixes and shades to achieve an outstanding work with simple tasks.


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