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Converting a MG Ferrari 2001 to 2002 version 

by Tony Allen



Editor's introduction

Few months ago, Tony asked me if I could get  a Vodafone decal sheet from MG manufacturer for him. Of course the answer of MG people was as usual and before we could think about, Tony had two decals sheets.
Tony's idea ( how does this man to be a so prolific modeler?!!!) was to convert a MG Ferrari 2001 into the 2001/2002 Vodafone sponsored car.
I have to confess that when Tony has and idea…..I'm sure that we will see something special coming from TONY's factory.
This was not an exception, Tony got the right Vodafone paint can (red color is different in the 2001/2002 version, is more dark).
Tony used the Antares wheels….and of course his talent which means other beautiful model for his collection.
I guess is great to add new decals to a MG Ferrari 2001, besides you can add several changes ( the cars were not absolutely the same). MG will have available  a decal sheet for the Vodafone Ferrari 2001/2002 soon ( Tony used the sheet for Ferrari 2002, which meant a lot of extra work to place them).
Good job Tony!!!!!.

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