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BMW vs. Honda:

BMW Z3 Roadster

Honda S2000

Tamiya 1/24

by Crescenzo Consolato



These cars with similar characteristics are oriented to very special users. The BMW is an outstanding one which got its fame in a film of James Bond that also served as presentation. The Honda is a modern version of the well known convertibles S600 and S800 of the 60's.


My impression at first look was good, the plastic is of excellent quality, with just few mold marks and requires a relatively simple building process.


About the BMW there was something I really didn't like: the tyres and wheels were the ones used in the original 1996 BMW and in my opinion they were very ugly, so I decided to change them.
Evidently the model would no longer be straight from the box, then I added more details.


About the Honda, it has the same philosophy and quality. It's a pity that the only version we can get is the Japanese one with the steering wheel placed on the right hand....but everything can't be perfect.


I build my models giving them the best details I can , to the finishing and painting. Then of course all details inside are important but I think that if the body finished doesn't cover the expectations, the whole car won't look like good and will become one of the heap!.
The BMW was painted in Model Master Artic Blue enamel applied with airbrush; It wasn't necessary to apply any kind of lacquer or varnish because the result was really good .The rubbers which surround the doors and the frames of the windshields were also painted airbrushing them with Humbrol satin black, masking them with Bare metal foil.

The body of the Honda was painted with Humbrol enamel and then I applied four layers of acrylic lacquers used for floors "Future". Almost all the model was airbrushed because I don't like the results obtained when painting with brush.

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For the BMW I used Sparco wheels with Aoshima Bridgestone Spedia tyres and I also added the radio antenna.


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The interior is where the model has more details and work because the paint required a careful work of masking.
I also added the carpets on the floor ( made of soft Clot); the seat belts with their anchors, the photo etched ignition key from Detail Master, besides the arms rest and carry objects of the doors were opened.
Summing up, the models are really good, and it's not necessary much work to convert them in very attractive models on any showcase. I added the mentioned improvements because these models got excited, but building them straight from the box they would be good as well.

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