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In the other side of the wall: L-39ZO of DDR

MPM 1/48 scale

by Giovanni Galvan 2002 Modeler Site


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I received the MPM kit, which was inspired on the recent film of James Bond where two L-39s make a dramatic chase.


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The kit

The box contains the 95 short run pieces, seven resin parts and six acetate transparent. In spite of being a short-run, the quality of the cast is excellent, with finely recessed panels. Shape and dimensions are well respected (MPM is "playing" at home).
Beautiful is the detail of the cockpit, where are over 30 pieces: detail of the sidewalls, grips, pedals, ejection seats, instrument panels (very good) and the gun sight. It's interesting the solution of a loom to which fix the instrument panels to be inserted in the cockpit after having closed the fuselage. The cockpit and the seats were anyway detailed with metal wires and plasticard pieces. Between the cockpits was inserted a transparent, and the canopy were detailed, with a blind flight curtain done with paper on the front one.


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The transparent are molded in one piece, but are furnished in two copies. The air intakes have a very difficult fit and need a lot of putty and adjustment in the assemblage. The front part of the tip-tanks is transparent, while under the tail plane there are no fillets, which I scratch built with brass foil. The exhaust is in resin, so I holed it and added a rolled black paper in the interior to make the exhaust more deep.


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The landing gear is well done, but very difficult to be fixed, so I had to add some copper wire in the interior to strengthen it.

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The insignia were taken from the Superscale sheet n.48-420 dedicated to MiG-23/27, the stencil were from the kit box, and the codes were taken from an old Tauro Models sheet.
The color scheme is with upper surfaces in Green FS.34092 (Gunze H302) and Green FS.34258 (Gunze H303), and lower surfaces in Light Blue FS. 35622 (Gunze H314). Tail fin, nose, wing and tail plane tips are in Yellow. Finishing is gloss, and weathering was minimized.

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