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Israeli Skyhawks

by Reuben Saliba


The Skyhawk has been around for a number of years operating in various conflicts around the world, the Scooter or as is also known as Heinemann's Hotrod. It has seen action in Vietnam, Middle East, Malvinas/Falklands and other theatre of operations. The Scooter has been utilized by numerous air forces around the world and is still flying to date. Surely those interested in this plane will surely be able to locate a color scheme of ones choice.

Today, I am presenting the viewers with a rare breed of Skyhawk which belong to the Israeli Air Force that were sold to a US company that does training for fighter pilots.

Recently, Hasegawa has presented us with a 1/48th plastic model of the A4E/F nad A4C versions of the Skyhawk. Although the site is primarily focused on the plastic scene I would wish to point out that there are flying R/C models of the Skyhawk since I come from the radio control fraternity.


Three companies in the USA make a flying Scooter and all are good examples of the Skyhawk. Nowadays these ducted fan models are being converted into turbine operation making it more of a Hotrod!

The Israeli Skyhawks

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The three Skyhawks being presented here made an unexpected stop over in Malta for refueling on their way to the USA to be utilized for fighter pilot training. Luckily, their stop over coincided with our annual airshow which was held in the last weekend of September 2001. They three planes stayed for the whole airshow to delight of the local aviation enthusiast. I hope you will appreciate these planes which have now become a rear breed.

From the Editor: Note that the canons of the single seater are closed


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