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Porsche 935 Turbo Le Mans '76

Tamiya 1/24 scale

by Javier Alba


Porsche has ever been, and still is, the most traditional and winning brand in the resistance races. Some of its most famous competition cars have been developed for this type of races and some of these models have also become street cars, like the Porsche 911 turbo, derived from the RSR turbo.

The 935 Porsche was born in 1976 as an evolution of the RSR. This car, as well as its successors, were kings of the circuits until the late 80's.


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The kit

This is a 1/24 Tamiya kit, ref. 240001. It is the first model of one these series cars in 1/24 and it dates back to 1976.

Originally conceived as a toy powered with batteries, all these elements have been eliminated and its simple interior has been completed with the addition of harnesses produced with adhesive tape and photoetched buckles from Verlinden, ref. 0066.


The chassis was completely airbrushed with Humbrol satin black. The simulated engine is to be painted with Tamiya Aluminum 56 and then washed with black oil. The chassis was subsequently "weathered" with a dry brush using gun metal.


The highlight of this kit are the decals and the paint finish.

The decals are really too thick and cannot properly adjust to certain shapes of the body, for which reason some parts have been painted instead. The color shade was conveniently adjusted so that no differences can be seen after varnish is applied.

The windscreen frame can be easily painted with a permanent marker and good pulse because no modifications are possible. I used Edding 3000.

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Painting has really been the most difficult task, it is necessary to apply 4 light coats of sprayed acrylic paint (Tamiya, ref TS-26) and then a fifth thick coat. After 5 days I sanded the paint in order to leave it as smooth and even as possible.

Once the decals were applied and fit to place I varnished the whole assembly, working with the body and the rear aileron as separate parts. For this task I used a 2 component acrylic varnish, which is generally used for car bodies. I applied three coats until the decals were completely integrated and the glossy finish was intense.

Varnish references and corresponding ratio is as follows:


Varnish Autocolor ZK P-190-596                 6 parts
Cathalizer                                                      2 parts
Thinner (P850-1493)                                     4 parts


The wheels and tyres are worth a separate comment. I painted the wheels with Humbrol satin black and Valentine gold, then washed them with Tamiya smoke already thinned in order to avoid that the chrome parts looked like a toy.

I painted the name of the manufacturer on all tyres using Vallejo white and then weathered the rubber with sandpaper.

Color scheme

Gloss white Tamiya spray  TS-26
Satin black Humbrol #85
Gold Val-oro od Valentine
Red Vallejo #900
Gun metal Humbrol #53
Chrome silver Testor #1790
Smoke Tamiya (enamel) X-19
Aluminum matte Humbrol #56


"El Año del Automóvil 1976-77"
"Edisport, Madrid January 1977"

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