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Colombian F-86 Sabre MK6 1970's period

by Rogelio Benites

The kit
The kit chosen for this project was the Hobby Craft. It was love at the first sight. Full-engraved detail panels in medium gray injected plastic. Positionable air brakes, flaps and canopy. Tight fit, minimum filling and sanding was necessary. 

Manufacturer: Hobby Craft
Scale: 1:72
Type: plastic
Parts: 65
Decals: RCAF y USAF
Optional decals: Caprena


The office
Nicely done, includes raised detail instrument panels, ejection seat that you may improve it adding seat belts made out of tape.
The interior was paint in medium gray and the instrument panels black. You can create a realistic depth perception cockpit bringing the detail up by sanding the panels (see picture)


Piece of cake! Superb fitting along both, the wings and fuselage. Little filling and sanding was necessary.


The out of the box contemplate two versions, the Canadian goldenhawks or the USAF 51st wing. At first I plan to develop the Peruvian version but after I saw the Colombian one I change my mind.
The pattern is simple and the colors used are: camouflage gray under and foilage green over medium gray on top. The decals where provide by Juan Vicente who mail them all the way from Spain. Thanks, Juan!


Landing gear
Very well detailed, easy to assembly and align.


Love the whole process, from researching to building. If you want to build one let me know, I still have micro scale decals for the 1/48 version.


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