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The Eagle Air Patrol   CASA C-101

by  Fco. Javier Alba Torrejon


The acrobatic Eagle patrol (Patrulla Acrobatica Aguila), or acrobatic patrol of Spain, is formed by teachers from the General Air Academy (Academia General del Aire), where the future pilots of the Spanish Air Army (Ejercito del Aire Eapaņol) get trained.
The Academy is placed at San Javier location ,in the Murcia province, on the Mediterrenean Sea. This place without any doubt is privileged to develop the training job, for its magnificent climatology that allows pilots to accumulate many flight hours during the year, under excellent visibility conditions.

The Patrol was born in 1985 due to the initiative of the Academy teachers' group, that began their training themselves in the free time. Today the Patrol members continue teaching. All they accumulate many flight hours, and have traveled around the world during the last fifteen years.

The aircraft they use for their exhibitions is the C.A.S.A. C-101 Aviojet, an airplane of Spanish production, subsonic jet, that was developed as airplane of advanced training following the requirements of the Spanish Air Army.

A most advanced avionics version was sold to Chile, where the Air Army (Ejercito del Aire) uses it in ground support operations.

Firstly the Patrol began using the airplanes in their original livery, silver and red, colors that represent its school airplane origin.
Later in 1991 they began to use the current decoration , where on the silver, rays with the flag national colors stand out. This decoration remembers the primitive "Ascua Patrol" that on the '50 flew the F-86-F SABRE.

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