Building the Scania R620 & semi Océan' Express

Italeri #3852 – 1/24 scale

by Fabrice Marechal © Modeler Site

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Both the Scania tractor and trailer are well known kits from Italeri. The main interest of this kit is perhaps the very good choice of decoration. The Scania R620 is well designed, however Italeri felt free when reproducing some parts, probably to simplify the kit and offer it at a relatively low price. Here you’ll find a mix of old kits of the series 3.


The most noticeable difference is the engine, Italeri used the old 14 liters V8 instead of the new generation 16 liters V8 Euro 5 of the R series.


At the end of this article, I offer you pics of the real tractor where you can appreciate the difference between the old engine and the one that should be for the R series.

Regarding the trailer, Italeri offer a good reproduction, the only weak point, in my opinion, are the brakes which don’t look very real.

This article aims at showing with pictures, the steps to get a good looking model and the improvements accomplished on it.


Contrary to instructions indications, that parts that comprise the cabin may be built and glued in part 13, and later installed on the chassis.
I started gluing the roof 178G with part 105G following with the rear panel 206G. Here, the first problem I had to face with, the instructions are not clear with regard to the direction 206G should be glued, and, in step 14 the drawing let us suppose a wrong position, and I did that way. I could verify that the following morning when I arrived at the Scania workshop where I’ve been working since 12 years ago.

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