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Harley-Davidson FLH Classic 

Tamiya 1/6 scale

by Axel Klein & Mario Covalski


Nowadays these are probably the more impressive kits you can see, inclusive having in mind the new Tamiya Fat Boy (which was issued several years ago).

Perhaps the technology of these kits is a little old, in fact the original issue, the old FLH Classis with wire spokes wheels, is more than 25 year old.

Here we are showing the two models issued by Tamiya ( there was other one in black for the Japanese market)


# 16015 # 16018 # 16007

If you like motorcycles, you can't lose to build one of this, these kits have plenty of big chromed parts, nice wheels, real metal disk brakes...and they are heavy and BIG!.

Building these monsters is not a difficult task, you just need to be patience, there are a lot of big parts which need to be cleaned, and probably more important to have a good painting technique, the body work is really big. The plated parts are not a problem, you only have to remove the plated of the surface to be glued, and be careful. An advice regarding to the CA, if you use this glue on plated parts the fumes could ruined the parts, so try to use a CA which notice you that doesn't produce fumes.

FLH Classic with Sidecar, model by Axel Klein


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FLH Classic, model by Mario Covalski


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