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The PZL Wilga

by Reuben Saliba


This year's annual Malta Airshow was marred by the events that took place in the USA, so much so, that both the U.S. Air Force/Navy and the German Air Force did not take part in this year's events. This year's Malta Airshow was again well attended and both civil and military planes were on show. One of the civil planes is the PZL WILGA plane which is of Polish origin. It has S.T.O.L. capabilities as can be seen from that photos with both leading edge slats and large flaps. This plane can be used in various scenarios but is quite popular with glider towing. In Malta this plane is used for aerial advertisements as is shown in one of the photos.


 Plastic kits of the Wilga are a bit rear to find and probably these might be available from East European countries. On the other hand, people flying radio control planes can find kits of this plane in major European countries. It is a good flyer and in the radio control circuits this plane is also used as glider tow. For banner towing, as is used in Malta, this plane takes off and goes round the airfield while people on the ground prepare the hooking up system so that when the Wilga overpasses the runway it lowers a hook to hook up the awaiting banner, usually about 30 meters in length.


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