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Building the Tyrrell P34 Tamiya 1/12 scale

A "step by step", for newcomers

by Mario Covalski © Modeler Site

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Some years ago I built the Tyrrell six, together with the Brabham BT44, and now I feel It was one of the models that means less complexity at the time of its construction and painting.
There were several versions since the prototype one until the 1977´s, which was quite modified. I built it in 2000, using the excellent conversion of the Japanese garage manufacturer, Chevron, nowadays this kit is discontinued. > Here

Tamiya's kit allows us, to build the '76 version, and the one that ran the first races in 1977, sponsored by "The First National City" with just a few non essential modifications.


I usually advise to begin by building this kit, when somebody decides to start with 1/12 scale, specially if the modeller is not very experienced in painting or handling painted parts. The chassis and body are provided separately, this makes the job easier and the modeller will be able to concentrate in other tasks such as detailing and painting the monocoque, as well as getting and acceptable paint for the body.

This article aims at providing the beginner a complementary guideline, apart from the Tamiya instruction's manual, including photos of a detailed and quality enough model to encourage him/her in what we could call a hard and laborious work.... facing for the first time with a Tamiya's box.....with a 1/12th inside.

Before beginning...

If this is your first 1/12 kit, I advise you to take a decision right now: if you will build it following literally the instructions, if you will add the suggestions provided here, or if you will intend to superdetail the model, trying to copy to the utmost the details that can be seen in the good photos available in books and even in the Internet (consult me about the references).

Parts.jpg (57841 bytes)

Once your decision has been taken; if you have some experience in other fields of modelling, you can go ahead with an ambitious project, if not, you could build an out of the box one, the details you'll find illustrated here, are easy to be achieved by using simple tools.

The Step by Step

Step 1

To simplify things, the steering box can be built first, to be painted later. Many Tyrrell six had their steering racks in aluminum color (although Tamiya suggest to paint them black). The whole assembly has to be installed later on, to facilitate the chassis painting job.


Step 2 & 3

Both (the lower and upper) parts of the monocoque, have to be joined very carefully. The rest of the parts, except for D36, can be prepared to be painted, but they'll have to be placed farther on, during the construction. A 0,4mm cable or thinner should have to be added to the fire extinguisher, D34.


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