Featuring a 76,2mm gun motor carrier (GMC) M10

1/35 scale

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In April of 1942, plans were drawn up to create a self-propelled gun for the tank destroyer command. This SP was to be based on the M4A2 Sherman chassis, but later on the M4A3 was also used. The three-inch gun was placed in an open top turret adopted from the T1 Heavy Tank design. The plans were re-drawn to lower the silhouette and by June of 1942 the standardized M10 was born. Designation: 105mm gun motor carrier (GMC) M10.


The model

The M10 I used is the early Academy rendition built straight from the box with one alteration, all of the moulded-on tools mounted on the tail end of the chassis were all ground and filed off. New tools were replaced from Tamiya. The tracks were also replaced with new ones from Tamiya. The tank was then painted overall with a US Olive Drab paint from Vallejo Acrylics. The decals were from the kit. Extra gear and stowage were taken from the spare parts box, and painted with Vallejo US Field Drab. Weathering was simply a light drybrushing of a dust colour to pick out the details.



The building is made up of bits and pieces from the old Heller Farm House Ruin with a wooden fence added, which was made from wood coffee stir sticks. The stone walls are from are from a kit from a Canadian company, Lemax…who specialize in Christmas Village scenery pieces. The ground cover starts with gravel, hilted here and there with a light coloured sand ballast. Brick rubble by my friend Kelly Zak and straw supplied by another modelling friend, Renny. The straw is coloured coarse deer hair, also used for marine fishing fly’s. The ground cover was then frozen in place with a white glue/water mix and applied with an eyedropper over the entire base. Various bits of equipment was then added and painted. The entire base was then given a wash of black to simulate ground that was damp.


The figures used for this diorama are the Tamiya Modern MP set, and they were perfect, as they all had natural body poses. I rounded up some WWII tankers’ heads and replaced the MP’s ones. A Verlinden sleeping figure was also used on the back engine deck. The figures were then painted with Vallejo paints and Delta Creamcoat Flesh was used to paint the skin.


Last thought

As a last thought, I added a bit of the garage roof, and detailed it with wood bits. The model depicts a respite from the action, in a choice concealed location with a little R&R, and refit in mind.


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