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Building the Tamiya Mclaren MP4/5B Honda 1/20 scale

by William Chan 2002 Modeler Site

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This is a famous McLaren MP4/5B piloted by Senna in 1990. It was Mclaren/Honda's third year of supremacy in F1. Senna clutched the world championship that year after a notorious collision with Prost's Ferrari in Japanese GP. But still he is considered one of the greatest in late 80's and early 90's. I really wish he could be around in mid-90's to fight against Schumacher. :)
I built this car in 2000. I followed the race scheme in 1990 Monaco GP. I took this car to Tamiya/Con 2000. I was lucky to get 2nd place that year.


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Picture with cowlings on...

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Body work...

Front wing - cut off from main body cowling and shaved off the edge. Front wing end plate is Studio 27 PE part, it looks much thinner and nicer. Inner side of end plate are F1s CF decaled.

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Rear wing - again end plates are Studio 27 PE part. Instead of using 2 plates on each side, I used only one.

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Body cowling left side - Marlboro decal is from F1s.

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Body cowling right side - As for paint job, I sprayed 3 coats of white paint (TS-26). I used Tamiya masking tape to tape off the white paint. Then use Tamiya florescent red (TS-36) to paint the Marlboro red. Finally, 2 coats of clear coat and polish.

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Windshield and cockpit

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Some interiors

Honda engine left side - note that I have overdone the exhaust pipe. It looks too black. I should have put in the weld line too. Maybe next time :) Honda emblem is F1s PE part. The throttle spring is done by coiling up a thing wire. But it looks kind of lousy now, I need to think of some other way to do it right for other F1.

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Honda engine left side 2 - I didn't use any tuned aluminum part for air intake. It will be better if you use F1s tuned part. Again, maybe next time :)

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Left side pod

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Left side monocoque - note that I cut out the front suspension and fill up the gap between bottom tray and monocoque.

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Left side monocoque 2 - another view. I use copper tube to redo the steering rod. The front suspension adjustor is rebuilt with copper tube and PE screws.

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Overall engine and transmission 

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Honda engine right side

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Honda engine right side 2 - actually I have rebuilt the vertical suspension shock and coil, but it is not that visible after assembly is done.

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Right side pod - I used Modeler's CF decal for side pod.

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 Steering wheel

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Seat and seat belt - I sanded out the molded belt and use F1s PE belt set and hanger. Belt material is from Modelers.


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Have fun !!

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