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Spanish Harriers on board of the "Príncipe de Asturias carrier" in 1992

Part I

by Javier Alba


These photos were taken in the harbor of Alicante, Spain during 1992.
The aircrafts:
Harrier AV8A "Matador" (they are which are painted in light grey and white)

Harrier AV8B (painted in grey low visibility)

Sea King and Augusta Bell 212 helicopters. Notice in this aircrafts the painting scheme, dark  blue/green, already inexistent in the Spanish Navy.

The aerial weapon has nowadays the following devices on board the Príncipe de Asturias (the combination of them depends on the particular mission to be carried out)

 The R-11 features a ski jump to allow the Harriers to save some fuel upon take-off and be able to carry more weapons.

It also carries four Meroka anti-missile mounts produced in the country (12 tubes each), which, together with the ones carried by the Balearea and Santa María escort ships, conform a very efficient anti-missile shield.


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To be continued in the next month with Part II