Formula one/Review

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IRITANI Brabham BT45 1/20 scale  

by Sergio Gabriel Fernandez



Made of resin, of medium quality, with few flaws and some bubbles, at last, with not so much work we can achieve almost a perfect finishing. The rear aileron is made of resin too; the lateral fins and the supports are in white metal (it's convenient to replace the fins with 0,5 mm plastic sheet). The rest of the body parts are made of white metal (air intakes, radiators, mirrors, front train, tires, etc.). 


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Plastic injected, it is the same Tamiya's V12 Alfa Romeo gearbox and motor (Brabham BT46) with only a few modifications in two of the four exhausts. It is also necessary to modify the support to the body. Not only the rear train but also the four brakes belong to the kit mentioned above.


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Seat, steering wheel and lever shifts are of plastic (BT46), the rest of the cockpit's parts are made of white metal. The windshield should be made the acetate and the drawing Iritani provided.


The usual Tamiya provides (F1 old).


Two big complete sheets with all the sponsors and with different numbers, 7 to make the Reutemann's version and 8 for Pace's; regrettably their impression quality is not good.


It is presented in thick cardboard box (similar to Modeler's or Studio27) with the correctly separate parts for material and tightly closed in nylon bags.


We can say it is a good kit, besides being a rare model, it can't be found in other scales or material. I would qualify it with 7 points.  


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