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Visiting CVN – 69 “ Ike “

by Mario Glozinic


During his Mediterranean cruise this year, CVN – 69 “ Dwight D. Eisenhower “ visited Croatian town Dubrovnik in Adriatic Sea.
Courtesy by US Embassy staff in Zagreb, Croatia, five modelers from Varazdin were invited to see this mighty ship. After 500 miles trip we finally arrived at Dubrovnik, and immediately our only fear disappeared the deck was full of planes. How can I explain this experience? Ike is so biiiiiiiig !
In the first moment, we didn’t know where to look at first - all those planes that we knew so well, by models and books, were here. You can touch them, feel them….

Modeler’s dream

Courtesy by “Ike’s” crew, we were able to shoot all these airplane details that you can’t find in books, but invaluable if you are a serious modeler. One thing that’s important – you don’t finish your favorite US Navy plane, smooth and clean – believe me, they have a well used look.


Don’t forget, CVN-69 had a lot of work in Adriatic last year! Don’t misunderstand me – the maintenance is excellent, but you know – any plane that flew even once, can’t be clean.


Another detail – there are squadron names applied on both sides on every auxiliary tank – not only on centerline ones. When I was looking at all those photos of carriers, I was always in doubt what colour the deck is – now I know, it’s simply tarmac, at first was black, but now is a well shaded grey, cover with oil stains, tire and hook marks, and so on. 

Onboard “Ike” Carrier is embarked the “Air Wing Seven” ( CVW - 7 ), with the following units :

VF -  11  F-14 B   Red Rippers
VF - 143  F-14 B  Pukin Dogs
VFA -131 F/A-18 C    Wildcats
VFA -136 F/A-18 C Knighthawks
VAW-121 E-2 C Bluetails
VS – 31  S-3 B Topcats
VAQ – 140 EA-6 B Patriots
HS – 5 SH-60F Night Dippers
HH-60 H

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U.S.S Dwight D.Eisenhower

Bluetail 601


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Dog 103

Wildcat 412

F-14 & Nick

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GE nozzles

Gef  110-GE400

Patriot 501

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Redripper 211

The deck

Topcat 701

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Topcat 707

VFA -131 CAG bird

VS - 31 CAG

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All photos taken by Nick 

“Hawkeye” Pentic


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Right engine

Wildcat 411

Special thanks to :

Mrs. Anja Picelj – Kosak , USA Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia USA Embassy, Zagreb, Croatia
Flt.Lt. Dirk “Dutch” Hart, US Navy Mr Drazen Dretar, Varazdin, Croatia
Text : Mario “Ace” Glozinic