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Building the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo - 1/16 scale

by Mario Covalski © Modeler Site

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During my modeling years, it happened that I read an article on a superb model that was impossible to reproduce since it was scratchbuilt one and the author was a genius. The good point about this article, is that I’m not a genius and just built with things I got to hand which can be easily found. Thus, you may reproduce this model and even improve it if you have more skill and/or patience.


The Sherman Jumbo

The US Assault Tank M4A3E2 Sherman called Jumbo by the troops, was basically a M4A3 heavily protected with an extra armour welded to the front glacis and appliqué armour on the hull sides, the turret was a T23 but featured with thicker armour.

There were three basic versions: with 75mm M3 , 76mm M1, and 76mm M1A guns. I chose to represent the 76mm M1.

I’ll not extend much on details about the construction since I’ve done this in other articles on the same series of “ Sherman 1/16” and can be consulted through the following links.

The idea of the Jumbo started when my friend, Nick Aguilar, offered me his last creation, A HULL and TURRET for a Jumbo (I already told you I was not a genius). Wow, I love the Jumbo but my favourite scale is not 1/35, so when I built it several years ago (in 1/35 scale), I was not impressed by this tank’s beauty, of course in 1/16, due to its size, is completely different , at least for me.

What’s necessary to build a Jumbo?

The resin parts from Nick. In next image you can appreciate, the complete hull, the differential cover, the aluminum barrel, the T23 turret modified and other necessary parts.

A Tamiya #56014 M4 Sherman, new or used, not necessarily complete. Note that the suspension of the Tamiya kit is HVSS which will be rejected, as well as the hull and turret (useful for another project)


A metal VVSS suspension set from Mato, a Chinese manufacturer, for their M4A1 R/C tank. They offer a white metal suspension to improve their model with plastic suspension, and of course new T48 tracks will be necessary.

Also the drive sprocket as well as the idler wheel will have to be replaced. All these parts can be found on ebay at reasonable price.


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