Featuring an accurate Argentine UN M113 (Croacia 1996), 1/35 scale

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The M113, received within its vast history, numerous camouflages, being, the one Iím going to show you along this article perhaps, the most atypical. During the O.N.U mission, UNTAES (United Nations transitory administration for east Slovakia), six M113 A2, given by the Canadian government, were assigned to the Argentine Army Combat Forces 1, which together with six Kurassier SK105, joined the Belbat (Belgian battalion), as armoured reserve. From January 1996, and during 14 months, reconnaissance missions, control and protection of engineer equipments developing tasks of terrestrial mines removal were carried out, in Brod Pustara at the North of Croacia. Once the mission was accomplished, they were transported to Argentina where they received the later traditional Argentine Army scheme.


From a modelling point of view, this article aims at showing the necessary modifications to convert the Academy kit in a very accurate Argentine M113 A2, offering as extra, every detail which can be used for other versions.

The kit

I used the shapely Academy kit, ref.#1354, with a great many parts, including engineÖetc In spite that it was necessary to mend and/or to remove some parts, they are quite good detailed.

Owing to the hatches size and location, itís possible to see all the interior, so, and using all the references I could search for, I decided to superdetail the vehicle interior.

Fulfilling the modifications

Constructing this model was a task that took more than a year, I donít know exactly how many hours did I pour out, but itís neither worth while explaining basic things nor deepening into the way details were achieved, this note would never end. So, I will list the necessary changes and where they should have to be done; illustrating this information with drawings and also pictures taken during each step of construction.


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