Improving a Dragon JS-2 ChKZ – ref. 6018

1/35 scale

model by Diego Rojas

photos and text by Patricio Delfosse  © 2005 Modeler Site


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This article intends to be a clear demonstration that a very good kit might be improved further, using home made methods and some tricks easy to learn. To illustrate this, I’ve chosen a Dragon JS-2, a worthy member of the “JS Family”, which was released four years ago by this Chinese manufacturer. These kits come highly detailed, with no problems of fit, actually the weakest point, are the individual links since they show two quite visible ejectors marks. Besides of this, all the series JS from Dragon share a common problem: the distance between the mudguards and the tracks is so short, that they touch against the mudguards. Anyway, this is not a very appreciable defect, so they might be mounted without modifications.