North American F-82E Twin Mustang

Modelcraft 1/48 scale

by Giovanni Galvan 2004 Modeler Site


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1/48 Mustangs

I was waiting for a long time for an 1/48 Twin Mustang, when I could obtain the Modelcraft kit. I selected the day fighter version powered by the Allison engine, the P/F-82E, operated by the 27th Fighter Escort Group (Very Long Range) from 1947 until 1949. It allowed me to realize the colourful example "Ole '97" piloted by the Wing Commander.


The Canadian firm produces also the P-82B (Merlin powered) and the F-82G (Night Fighter with a large radome). All the molds are short run, with a very difficult fit, and with a lot of inaccuracies, so I recommend them only to experienced modelers. I was lucky to obtain also the rare Eduard photo etched metal sheet #48-190 which contains the interiors for the two cockpits for both F-82E and the F-82G, and some improvements such as the gear doors.


The cockpits were so improved with the photo etched parts. The color of the interiors is the Interior Green (Humbrol 158) and semi gloss Black, with Yellow cushions and Tan seat belts. As I said, the fit of the fuselages and of the wings is very poor and requires a lot of trimming and putty. But the main shortcoming is the carburettor air intake on the noses, which is wrong in shape, so I had to rebuilt the right smaller scoop with plasticard and putty. Also the wing tanks are completely wrong, so I used these from the P-61 Monogram kit.


The decals are good, but lack of many important items, such as the 27th Wing crest on the port side of the left fuselage, which I hand painted over white decal, and the "USAF" and "FQ-297" scripts on the wings, for which I used my spare decals, mainly from the Hobbycraft T-33A. I adjusted the "buzz numbers" on the fuselage sides too.


The Red (Gunze H23) / White / Blue (Gunze H328) stripes on the wing and tail fins, and the Bright Blue (Gunze H15) were sprayed, after an accurate masking. I made a light weathering on the panels with oil paint, but I added heavy exhaust stains on the sides typical of the long range flights of the F-82E. The work was hard, but the result is very spectacular, for this beloved "double Mustang".


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