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Republic RC-3 Sea Bee

1/72 scale 

by Orlando Rueda 2003 Modeler Site


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This odd hydroplane was designed by Percival H. Spencer, well known in the aviation world due to his innovations among amphibious aircrafts.

The Sea Bee initial design was with a all wood fabric covered fuselage, however Republic Aviation advised redraw the airplane to a metallic aircraft, the final result was a non expensive, strong and light airplane, with retractile landing gear.   


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The first airplanes were powered by a Franklin 6A8-215, which later was changed by a Lycoming G0-480 de 295hp. A total of 1076 Sea Bee between 1946 and 1948.
Nowadays several ones are preserved in museums and some of them are in flight conditions. Some air forces incorporated these airplanes to their wings, among they, it was Israel.
The model I show here is from Mach (french) in 1/72 scale. I vecuformed the canopy and scratch built a cockpit interior and a motor. The figures added the diorama are from Preiser and Hasegawa.


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