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The Vincent "Black Shadow" Series C. 1949 - 1955.

1/8 scale

by Axel Klein



Manufactured by RAE models in the United Kingdom, this is a 1:8 scale model made in white metal and resin components.

Preparation on this model is extensive to achieve a properly built replica. Castings are not as perfect as plastic kits. Patience, too, will bring your project up to perfection.
Being of white metal and resin construction , an epoxy type adhesive works best. Once preparation and sub-assemblies are done, a good primer coat will be needed.
White metal components can be easily polished out to a chrome / metal finish.
The tank, seat, and battery are made of resin composite. Resin requires a good thorough cleansing for primer to adhere. Lacquer is a good primer for resin parts.
The finish on this model is Testor's Black.
With all good building projects, ingenuity can make for a better representation.....example....using scale cable for oil system tubing gives an authenticity to the model. There are many cheap items around the house that can be incorporated in to a build. One good source is old guitar strings.....Have a try.

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