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Clarion Peugeot 206 WRC 2000 'Monte-Carlo'
Tamiya 1/24 scale

by  Ralph Lugten


1999 was good year for Peugeot but 2000 proved to be even better! As Marcus Grönholm was crowned the World Champion…
Although the start of the rally-season in Monte-Carlo indicated something else, because after a cold night all the Clarion Peugeot 206 WRC works' cars refused too start! So a no point scores in that event for Peugeot and relatively unknown driver Marcus Grönholm.
But soon after that and some event /stage wins Marcus with the help of his co-driver/navigator Timo Rautiainen, proved that here was a new force to be reckoned with!


The Model

This lithe rally-machine which proved to be the car to beat… after some years of dominance of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo's & Subaru Impreza's… is the second of the three coming out of the molds from Tamiya.

The latest 2001 version comes along with driver & co-driver figures! (as can be seen at the new-releases on the Tamiya site!) 2000 was also a welcome change in livery; instead of White, Peugeot choose Silver as their main color which is more striking to the eye.


Again I like to acquire some insight photo's which will help me built a correct model. I found some via the Internet and came across a excellent article on 'the workspace of a champion' article in a Dutch car-magazine which totally focused on the dash and the inside of the 206.

Again I have to mention that Tamiya keeps omitting a proper engine! We are only left with an engine-sump and sparingly depicted engine block.
What is left is a detailed undercarriage, but what good is it when all is covered up with the skid-plates? Tamiya please give us modelers a opening hood with a full-on engine! But Tamiya has included chromed headlight reflectors, bonnet-badge, hood & bonnet fasteners, alongside the now standard window-masks!

The Building process

As always with Tamiya a pretty straightforward process, just some cleaning / sanding of little moldmarks & flash. I start with cutting all the parts loose from the sprue's & begin with spraypainting everything in the right colors. 

For painting the disc-brakes I find it easier to use a 'hose' / 'tubing' with the right diameter which covers the center of the discs. Then cutting a circular mask from tape / foil. 
So you can first spray the whole in Gold (Brembo calipers & disk centers are always Gold colored!) and then with the right diameter tubing cover the center and with a piece of tape the side of the caliper and then spray the steel color of the disc itself.
For that extra 'life' in the brake-assy, fill the grooves with some thinned black & paint the wind deflectors on the rearside flatblack.
(*You could even go further by removing the calipers from the whole assy, then clamp the discs in a rotary tool and spin alongside a sanding paper to depict the wear of the brakepads & spray them with a 'Metalizer' which will bring out the 'wear'. But this goes maybe a bit to far for 1:24? ? ?)

Next up is the dash… which is Flat-Black & the center console Flat Grey! Again careful masking with low-tack masking foil and spray-painting the Flat Colors.


As mentioned earlier I like to spray-paint everything since coverage is that much better & Flat Colors will come out that much better.
With a brush I simply can not manage to get a even flawless Flat paint-layer.
And Metallic Colors will not have that Metallic feel to them since you are brushing the Metallic parts down so they will not 'shine' unlike when spray-painted!


The rest is pretty straight-forward since I only wanted to build it as a box-stock model… although I've added painted Bare-Metal-Foil to simulate the full-length seatbelts!


I also wanted to add some extra carbon decals (doorpanels, kickplate & 'shoebox' co-driver…) but these are hardly visible after finishing!

All in all a nice model of this 'small' world-rally-car… except that engine bay.

You know what let's all email Tamiya Co. to ask for full-on engine-bay details.

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There is a building note about a 206 in the TMMI (Tamiya Model Magazine International) Feb/Mar 2001 issue by Marcus Nicholls (TMMI editor ), which I recommend; maybe you can get a back issue.


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