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The Spanish Scorpions

by  Javier Alba


The Spanish Marines, received in 1985, 17 Scorpion AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) units, from the United Kingdom. The performance of this light combat vehicle in the South Atlantic War, influenced to incorporate it.

The advantage of this vehicle, is its lightness, great maneuverability and versatility.
The tactical utility, and high instruction level of this combat unit has been proved in the annually maneuvers that take place with the United States' VI Fleet units, where the Scorpions play the enemies role.

Technical data


Weight in Combat

8250 kg




diesel Perkins(200CV)


7 speed semiautomatic and reverse

Maximum speed



900km to 48 km/h

Main weaponry

76 mm Canyon

Secondary weaponry

7,62 mm Coax -machine gun and two smoke-generating grenade launcher


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