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Argentine Navy

Aermacchi MB 326

1/48 scale

by  Pablo Gonzalez


The airplane shown here, is an Embraer EMB-326 GB Xavante, registration number 0784 / 4-A-104, belonging to the 11 airplanes lot received by Argentina from Brazil in 1983, manufactured under Aermacchi license.

The painting scheme is like the configuration that the airplane showed in 1983, being probably the only one that keeps this scheme. In 1989 the other aircrafts of the group, were painted under a low visibility scheme. To build this model, photographic material obtained in the Mar del Plata Air Base in 1997, was used.


The scale model
I used the Esci's kit Nº 4660 Impala 326 K; the depth rudders, stick control, rear bulkhead and cockpit canopy were used from the Esci Nº4077 MB-326 kit, as final result I obtained an EMB-326 GB with under wings weaponry.


From both kits 53 parts plus 549 scratch built pieces made from different materials, were used.


The modeler who wants to build this kit will be able to use the Esci's kit Nº4063 (the last release Esci manufactured before disappearing).



Magazines: Mach 1, Alas, Aeroespacio, Microkit, Enciclopedia Ilustrada de la Aviacion, Aviones de Guerra, Historia de la Aviación Argentina, Perfiles.


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