Hasegawa 1/24 WRC Subaru


Author Darren Maharaj


Opposite Lock!
This Diorama is a scene from the 51st Network Q RAC Rally if Britain in the Welsh forest. It depicts Colin Mcrae controlling his car around a slow muddy corner, he went on to win this race and take the WRC for Subaru in the same year. The car is Hasegawa 1/24 scale with some photo-etched parts. The drivers are from the Fujimi Mechanic and driver figure set. The spectators are from the Tamiya Campus friends set.
This only my second diorama, so I have some improvements to make. I can never say this diorama is one hundred percent complete, I am still tinkering with the scenery even though I finished it a year ago! The photographer was made from a figure originally sitting on a moped, the

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