Tamiya Tiger II


Author Russ Sharp



The Tamiya TigerII was built straight from the box with the addition of zimmeritt etched into the plastic using a thin small screwdriver and working very slowly. The tank was then painted with Tamiya paints and a friends airbrush a three tone camo scheme. Screens were added to the back deck before painting. All extra gear and the MG on the tank are from Tamiya and Italeri, figures are from Tamiya and a commander figure from a bag of molded
plastic figures. The netting on the turret is surgical gauze soaked in a mixture of paint white glue and water, squeezed out and placed accordingly.
Tracks were painted a Tamiya Hull Red, the entire vehicle was washed in black and brown mix and drybrushed in a dust colour. Silver was drybrushed onto the tracks and here and there on the vehicle,lightly. Pastels were used for weathering.
Decals are from the kit.

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