Scania 144l 530t 1/24


Author Erik Fontein


I have used a Italeri Scania (no 743)
I have length the chassis and placed a 6x4 drive bogie with air suspension.
The resin hood is from JC Lescrenier (Belgium) I have covered the chassis with plate. Behind the cab I have placed exhausts from an peterbilt model of Italeri. The open steps at the frond bumper are replaced for the original one's from the frond steer truck.

The trailer
I have used the heavy Duty trailer of Revell ( no 7542) I have changed the side panels because the kit presume that the last axel could be steer. The hang over (at the back) is shorted, ant replaced at the frond side of the axels. I also have made the trailer extendible. The frond part of the trailer is changed to make it ossible to drive op on it.

The Renault bus is out of the box and is a Heller kit (no 80789)