Building an Israeli Cromwell... step by step

1/35 scale

by Pablo Raggi © 2006 Modeler Site


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Back in 1948, when the British army withdrew from Palestine, the Israelis got two Cromwells given by the deserters belonging to the Haifa’s HQ. These two vehicles in IDF service fought in the so called “British Company” ( their crews spoke this language). There’s a Cromwell on display at the Latrun Armor Museum but it’s not one of these early Cromwells since it has an “F” hull model that can be easily identified as it has a lateral hatch for the driver on the right side of the hull. In the few available wartime pictures of the two Cromwells that fought for the “British Company” (vehicles 211 and 457), we can appreciate that they had two boxes on the right side, so they supposedly correspond to a “C” or “D” hull model.