Building the Chieftain Mk.11 Berlin Brigade

Academy 1/35 scale

model Karl-Heinz Pfarr

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Berlin Brigade: Without doubt, the main attraction of the vehicles used by this British unit based in Germany, was the striking and effective urban camouflage scheme. The paint’s pattern used for these Chieftain(s) was developed to camouflage them in an urban environment. All Chieftains used the same pattern which was not a sheer invention applied at random but was especially designed for each model of vehicle in particular. The Ferret(s), Land Rover(s) and FV432 from this unit had their own and exactly the same camouflage schemes. Unfortunately, there is not any available kit to accomplish the Chieftain’s version used by the Berlin Brigade, this is why we’ll have to use the Tamiya’s Chieftain Mk.5 (or the one from Academy which is a Tamiya’s copy) making all necessary upgrades to get a Mk.11 version. Well, actually, neither the Tamiya’s nor the Academy’s kit capture the graceful lines of a Mk.5. So, in any case approaching a Chieftain’s version will mean a complicated project.