Detailing the Academy M12

1/35 scale ref. 1394

by Patricio Delfosse © 2006 Modeler Site


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Although the M12(s) were available in the USA warehouses from the beginning of 1943, they were used since the conflict in Normandy, seeing action with good results up to the end of the war. The exiguous use these vehicles suffered , as well as the scarce amount produced (74 vehicles) turned them into difficult subjects to be found in injected plastic. But fortunately Academy decided to release this kit. AFV Club have announced since years ago the M40 (older brother and more modern than the M12, used in the WWII under the denomination T83) but up to the moment there are no news about its release. Although at first sight, it seems that the M12 were manufactured over Sherman hulls, actually, they were manufactured over M3 Lee, but with more up-to-date bogies. The Academy kit offers options for four versions, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to find which is right. Each M12 had a set of tracks, bogies, drive sprockets, idler wheels different from the others and it’s difficult to be precise about the proper combination for each vehicle.