Detailing a Panther Ausf. G Part II - Tamiya (ref. 35176)  1/35 scale

model by Diego Rojas

photos and text by Patricio Delfosse  © 2005 Modeler Site


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In order to complete the article published in the March 2005 issue, we’ll go over the different kits of the “other” available 1/35 Panthers. I’ll not consider the Jagdpanthers from Tamiya, Italeri or Dragon as they will be subjects for future notes. To accomplish this Panther’s late version, I used the kit 35176 from Tamiya with the night vision device form the 35174 kit . The engine was the one from the Italeri Panther D kit. I used the aluminium barrel and PE from On The Mark to make its detailing easier. The driver figure came from the Dragon’s tankers set.