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Ferrari Testarossa Spider

Pocher 1/8 scale

by Victor Reis  Modeler Site

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The Pocher Kits, all in 1/8 scale, are beautiful and with full of details, specially the Classic Series, with a number of pieces up to almost 3000. They also have many defects and can drive you crazy, but when finished they can be a true art piece. The doors open with a key, the headlights work, the seats are in fabric, etc., but if you play with them they will not work for a long time This kits are very fragile, so it's better to let them quiet, look only.


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The Prestige series is much more easy to build, with more or less 600 pieces, and the body came already painted.

All the details you can think could be added, and sometimes we see some amazing results. But you also must know when to stop with the detailing, or you will get crazy.

I will describe my "adventure" building a 1/8 scale Pocher Ferrari Testarossa Spider.

But first some general information. The Pocher Kits are now out of production, and no one seems to know if they will me made again. Perhaps it's a good time to start collecting them. You must be very careful with all the pieces, because it's very difficult to find replacement parts.

This article is dedicated exclusively to the Prestige Series Ferrari Testarossa Spider, so all that I will write is about this model. I build this kit four years ago, so I beg you to forgive me for not remembering all the details.

The body is in metal and already painted, the quality of the original paint is good, only need a little polish, the car polish is good for that. The rest of the pieces are in plastic (except the tires and seats in rubber) and came unpainted. If you want a really good job you must paint all the plastic pieces, contrary of what the instruction sheet said.


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For painting, I only use Tamiya spray cans. In the body you must paint the windshield frame, the rear view mirrors and the front headlights, for that I use Bright Red (don't use Italian Red, that is an entirely different Red). For the interior and chassis use Semi Gloss Black. For the dashboard use Matt Black. For the engine Gloss Aluminum and for the mufflers Silver Leaf.

The engine compartment need all the wiring (electric or telephone wire painted in Matt Black is fine). You can also use Bare Metal in the air intake.


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The interior is fine, you only need to do the floor tapestry (you can buy in a paper store a self adhesive paper that imitates the tissue).

The windshield frame don't adjust very well with the body, and this could give you a lot of trouble. A good compromise is to put a tin rubber between the two pieces. In this part it's better to use the interior rear view mirror of the closed Testarossa, because it's support it's smaller.

In the luggage compartment is better to paint first with Matt Black, and then use the original upholstery that came with the kit.


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The lateral air intakes must be painted in Matt Black (you can also drill them, if you have the ability and the patience). The same applies to the front and rear air intakes, but you could achieve good results with some metallic mesh.

The doors are very heavy, and their support very fragile, it's better to reinforce them with some strong glue (they use screws).


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Some original screws don't fit in their hole, you must buy a new ones with the proper size.

For the rest of the assembling you must follow the instruction sheet, that is clear and easy to use.

For improving your work you can consult some car magazines and some websites, very easy to find information and images about this car.

The Testarossa Coupe is the model that all people know, but the Testarossa Spider really existed, it was a special model and very few were made (It's difficult to put a real license plate).

I hope you enjoy this little article, you can give me a feedback if you feel it was useful.


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