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John Horst's dioramas

by John Horst


I live in Germany appr. 50 km far away from Munich. The begin to make models was on 4th of May 1969, on this day I have seen my first formula 1 race the GP of Spain on TV. Some weeks later I have seen Tamiya's Honda RA273 in scale 1/12, this was my first model I have ever built (it was very terrible, some parts are existing still today). Since this time I have built all Tamiya Kits in scale 1/12 and 1/20. Some years ago I have started to built models in scale 1/43 and other exotic models like the Ford GT40 "Deutsche Auto Zeitung" . Now my third hobby is, making photos from my models, the result can you see in my photos.

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Ford GT40 Deutsche Auto Zeitung in scale 1/24, the basiskit is by Fujimi and the transkit is by Thunder Valley, some decals are made by myself.The car was driven by Reinhold Joest and Helmut Kelleners in Watkins Glenn 1969.

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Ferrari 312P Berlinetta in scale 1/24, it is a Fisher Model The car was driven by Pedro Rodriguez and David Piper in LeMans 1969

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Ferrari 312T3, Gilles Villeneuve, Monaco 1978

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McLaren-Honda MP4/5B, Ayrton Senna, Monaco 1990

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Lotus78 Imperial
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Shadow DN5