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Dassault Mirage F1C Ecuador

1/72 scale

by  Rogelio Benites

The kit is molded in a hard gray plastic with accurate raised panel lines. Construction begins with the cockpit, which is plain and basic. Decals are provided to represent the side consoles and the instrument panel.

The ejection seat has no detail at all so you may want to replace it with an after-market Martin Baker MK4. Also, you may choose open or close position for the cockpit.

Overall fit of the kit was excellent with very little filler being needed. Here are the areas that need special attention. First of all, the air intakes do not fit well and you will have to apply filler to get a good fit. The other area of concern is the fit of the wings to the fuselage, little filling and sanding is a must, just be careful not to “erase” the surrounding raised panels.
I choose to set the air brakes on the open position and add realism to them drilling holes on the area already simulated recessed detail. The landing gear is highly detailed and hard to fit and align.
Additionally, the kit provides one centerline fuel tank just like the one often use by the Ecuadorian F1, two AA Matra Magic 550 for the wing tips and the AA Israeli built Python missiles under the wings.
Pictures from de January-February 1995 period showed the Ecuadorian Mirage F1C fitted with the Matra Magic on the wing tips and the superb Python under the wings. The Python combines the French Matra Magic and the U.S. Sidewinder AIM9L technology plus IAF real combat experience.


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Ecuador F-1’s use the French camouflage design but switching colors SAC bomber tan FS34201 and dark green B52 FS34096 on top, camouflage gray FS36622 under, flat black in the nose dome and aluminum landing gear.


Only Aztec produces decals for the Ecuadorian Mirage F1C.  Full stencil in Spanish is provide to create eider one of two subjects, FAE 806 and FAE 807 both with Peruvian Sukhoi 22 kill marks shot down on the 1995 border dispute.
Decal rating 10/10


Easy and fun to built kit, no major problems present during the construction process. Great for intermediate and advance modelers.


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Built one, this is a cool subject to have. FAE Mirages and pilots excel during the 1995 border dispute with Peru.

Manufacturer: Hasegawa
Scale: 1:72
Type: plastic
Parts: 48
Decals: French Air Force
Option: FAE # 2 by Aztec