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Argentine Navy

Grumman F9F 8T Cougar  1/72 scale

by  Pablo Gonzalez


In 1960 the Argentine Navy acquired two Grumman F9F-8T Cougar for training, the following numbers were applied, 151 and 152. The 151 was the first Argentine airplane in exceeding the sound barrier, this fact happened on March 30th 1960 and the pilot was Captain of Corvette Serra.

Having been assigned to the 1st "Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Ataque",  they were used as onboard airplane for advanced training in the carrier "A.R.A. Independencia" of the Argentina Navy. These aircrafts activity  was extended until 1970. 

The motor was a turbine Pratt & Whitney J-48-P8 C of 3150 kg. 

Ejection seats:  Martin Baker Z5.                                                                                           Two 20 mm guns. Capable to use AIM-9B Sidewinder missiles. 

The photo shows us the 151 that is actually in the "Comandante Espora" Naval Museum. 

Recently this aircraft has been restored.  

The model

The model showed  is a Grumman F9F-8T Cougar built using the Hasegawa's Cougar F9F-8 kit 1/72 scale and the Falcon's vacuform conversion kit. 

The building of this kit was complex, due to the conversion kit used and the many changes done, which we will explain here.


It was completely scratch built, being manufactured the following parts: 

Seats / Belts / Buckles / Ejection Handles / launching Rails 

Front and sides instrument panels / Cockpit Floor. 

Wall between front and rear cockpits  / system pedals / Ribs 


Parts were added and the following changes were done: 

Navigation light behind the cockpit / The elevators were cut off to give them movement     Opening of the air intakes and vents in the fuselage. 

Nose antenna /  UHF antenna UHF / Tail skid. 

Navigation lights / Pitot tube / The cabin was placed, opened . 

Decals of PHOENIX and from the spare part box were used . 

This models was painted in Blue FS 15042, with registers and marks in white. 

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The photo shows us the 151 that is actually in 

the "Comandante Espora" Naval Museum.