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"Road Warrior"


by Dave Hessler


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This is a model that I have been wanting to build ever since I first saw the films "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior" years ago when they were first released. Finally there was a company who produced them - PLANET X Models in England - and I couldn't wait to get them and have my modeling dreams turn into reality!


The kits are made from resin and white metal and I would recommend some modeling experience before tackling these kits as some patience is required. The only additions I made were to add the column mounted tach and red "low-fuel" light, and extra fuel can beside the spare tire, but the kit includes the shifter with blower button, spare tire, dog food box and even the seat for Max's canine companion! This is also my first attempt at some serious weathering effects. Most of the bottom rocker panel and interior "mud splatter" is various shades of Testor's tans and light browns. The rest was done with artists pastel sticks. I shaved off little piles of dust from the sticks and applied them in a tapping motion, using a wide makeup brush.

For the areas around the rear mounted fuel tanks, I mixed up a solution of white glue and water, about 50/50, and dripped it around the fuel caps and tank straps. I then dusted on some of the pastels and let them dry. When dry, I actually used a bit of super glue "kicker" and dripped it around the fuel tank caps, which made it look like fuel spills from around the caps. Overall, I am very pleased with the results.

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Now, with the completion of this model and the other Mad Max model I built, the yellow MFP Interceptor, the only one left is the original black Interceptor from "Mad Max", which is also offered by PLANET X Models!


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