Tamiya/Con 2006 Report

April 8 & 9, 2006

by William Chan © 2006 Modeler Site

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The Master Modeler A.J. Palomina Tam/Con 2006 winner with our co-editor William Chan

Showroom Display

1/48 corners - Tamiya is putting alot of resource on 1/48 WWII modesl.  
1/48 British Cormwell Mk IV.
1/48 Russian Tank Destroyer.  
1/48 German Panzer.  
1/48 misc tanks.  
1/48 Diorama. Now you can put tanks with crashed aircraft.  
1/48 Diorama. French delibration I guess.. :).
1/24 Diecast motogp.  
1/24 Diecast motogp closeup.. cool toy..  
1/24 NSX Raybrig Super GT
1/24 NSX Raybrig Super GT. Another view
1/48 Misc WWII tank and aircraft.
Work from Mark Jones.

Previous Master Modeler Dale King's Boxster GT conversion.

Previous Master Modeler Narita Masa's Go Turkey 1/32 Diorama.

Automobile Category

A.J.'s super 1/20 Ferrari F1-2000 workshop - A.J. is 2006 Tamiya/Con Master Modelers.. A.J.'s work is just outstanding. You will never get bored by just looking at it for 3-4 hrs :)  

Nigel Mansell Lola Indy car. This one won 2nd place in 1/20 formula category.. Very nicely detail Indy car that hasn't been seen at Tamiya/Con very often.  
That's my Lotus 102 Lamborghini curbside conversion. Very fun one to build and no engine to worry about. It's lucky to get 3rd place with a curbside model at Tamiya/Con. Special thanks to Steffen for the nose cone and decal. Without them, this project is impossible.  
Lotus 25
Lotus 99T
Williams FW07
Supra JGTC  
Mercedes CLK GTR, This one won 1st place factory stock/race car 1/24 category.  
Skyline GTR with engine detail.  
Enzo Ferrari.  
Skyline GTR with engine detail.  
Box stock FW24.  
Box stock Fiat Abrath.
Box stock Porsche 911.  
Extensive Conversion Enzo GT. A 2nd place winner in Extensive conversion category.  

 Extensive Conversion Nissan R390 road car. This one is super nicely done.


Extensive Conversion Mini drifting. A 3rd place winner in Extensive conversion category.  

Extensive Conversion Another F50 GT  

Extensive Conversion Skyline GTR  

Motorcycle Category

My buddy Leo Fu's 1/12 scale 1st place winner Yamaha YZR M1  

1/12 scale 2nd place winner Suzuki  

1/12 scale 3rd place winner Yamaha YZR M1  

1/12 scale Fortona Yamaha YZR M1  

1/12 scale Honda RCV Telefonica  

Military Category

1/48 Shermans  

1/48 Tiger I  

1/48 Panther  

1/35 British desert pounder small diorama  

1/48 small diorama  

1/48 small diorama  

1/35 small diorama, Field kitchen. The chemny has real perfumes going out and is controlled by remote control.. very coool.  

Small diorama  

1/35 Russian tank  

1/35 British utility tank?  

1/16 German infantry  

1/16 German machine gunner  

Large scale tanker  

1/35 Dragon wagon  

1/35 Sherman  

1/35 Russian tank  

1/35 Russian tank  

1/35 Tank towing tank  

1/35 Dragon Wagon. This one won Director Choice and goes to Japan.  

1/35 Large diorama. Not sure how much of its contents are from Tamiya :)  

1/35 Large diorama.  

1/35 Large diorama. This is the winner for large scale diorama.  

1/48 aircraft with simulated motor. Very fun to watch.  

1/35 Large diorama Tiger I.  

1/35 Large diorama King Tiger.  

1/35 Panzer disected.. very cool.    

1/35 King Tiger.  

1/35 Famo? not sure what that is.  

1/35 Large diorama. Russian attacking  

1/700 Large diorama shipyard.  

1/35 M1.  

1/35 Famo.  

1/35 T55A.                                           

1/35 M60 with reactive armor.  

1/35 Challenger.  

1/35 T55.  

1/35 some Russian tank.  

1/35 Challenger.  

1/35 M2.  

1/35 M113.  

1/48 T34.  

1/16 German Leopoard.  

1/48 T34.  

1/48 T34.  

1/48 Panther.  

1/350 Star Blazer Yamato. Very cool one. It is converted from regular Tamiya 1/350 Yamato and it is now a star blazer Argo!    

Aircraft Category

Some other fun stuff at Tamiya/Con 

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