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Custom motorcycles

1/12 scale 

by John Ragias


Most of the people who build motorcycle scale models prefer build them out of the box. I'm as fanatic sport biker, (I don't even have a car drivers licensee and I'm 26) amazed from the custom bikes in reality. Japanese, French and English motorcycle tuners build awesome machines with many aftermarket parts and make each motorcycle one of a kind. Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire to do than on real iron so through the motorcycle scale modeling I try to build some of my dream machines.


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My first modified scale model was back in late 80s. A Suzuki RG250 Gamma from Aoshima that I transformed into a racing bike. The result was disappointing but back then was something that I really liked. After that first model I made many more models but only the last couple years I pushed my limits on the next level and start making better quality modified bikes. That mean my scale models doesn't have the realistic view of a 1/12 GP bike but trying to connect things that doesn't really fit from one to the other model the result makes them pretty good. Here are a few examples of my models

Suzuki GS1100S Katana

I stared with a tuned version of katana 1100 from Tamiya. Wheels donated from a Yamaha R1 and same for the forks-front brakes. The swing arm joined from a braked arm and also I got rid of all the legal stuff on this bike (turn signals, mirrors etc) I painted flat black and I relocated the electronic system under the seat. The exhaust got some connection springs and modified to be higher.


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BWM Racer

I always wanted to have a BMW racer and when HobbyLink had a BWM touring bike on sale I just got one in a good price. This bike has too many donors. Fork from the old katana1100S,Wheels from a Ducati NCR racer, swing arm from a VF750F and shocks from a Kawasaki z900. All those combined made this really outstanding retro BMW racer.


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