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Tamiya Famo

1/35 scale

by Nicolas Perez Fiorentini


Although the Tamiya kit is brilliant there are some interesting adds or modifications you could do.

In my case I used, for details, a PE set from PART. This kit contains two PE sheets, one to detail the truck itself and the other one is a tools set to give the model more realism.

This kit also includes a film that reproduces the small dials of the dashboard. Besides a lot of chains, supports, hinges, etc are provided.

To improve the final aspect I added several gasoline drums and cans from the Tamiya detail set, and some parts from my spare box, like a Panther wheel. 

The wood boxes are from the reprovisioning Tamiya kit, and I did an extensive painting job to imitate the wood texture. 

I also used helmets, ammo boxes, cases, bags, and a backpack from a Verlinden resin kit (Nro: 1550 Military Vehicle Stowage German WWII).

The fabric roof was made with cooper rods, following drawings from the NUTS & BOLTS magazine, the fabric was made of paper glued and painted. 

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