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by  Ricardo Dacoba


The Go229, would be the operative version of the Ho 9, the airplane was built by the Horten brothers, following the 3X1000 specifications, this meant that it could be loaded with 1000Kgs. of bombs, to have an autonomy of 1000 Kms. and to reach a speed of 1000 Km. per hour. The model is built from a DML kit in 1/48 scale, (Kit # 5505-01). Details as the supplementary tanks and X4 rockets were added. The ailerons, flaps and rudders were modified, and the landing gear train was also completely rebuilt. The cockpit and the seat were scratch built, the landing brake parachute doors were opened and both motors were super detailed .
The model was painted with RLM 81/82/76, with the Reich defense's strip, the paint used was Xtracolor, and the varnish, Testors Visions satin.


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